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    • Soul Revolution – One More Time


      Tracklist :

      A1. Introduction feat. Senbeï

      A2. Dance Me feat. Def3

      A3. Kool Out feat. Bastien Picot € Vinz

      A4. Byrd* feat. Lisa Wieland

      A5. La Peine Capitale feat. Juice

      A6. Avolta* feat. Natascha Rogers € Titchikito

      B1. Now That I Know You feat. Ian Sloane, Pigeon John € Lisa Wieland

      B2. Let Me Do It feat. Bastien Picot € Vinz

      B3. Oedeep feat. Tareek, Juice € Hest

      B4. So Tired* feat. Lady Dakween, Lisa Wieland € The Jouby’s

      B5. One More Time* feat. Kalu € Vincent The Strong

      B6. Outro Live MPC feat. Uzer

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