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    • Eddy La Gooyatsh – Pull Over


      A nice book-disc very accomplished, a beautiful object to offer and to devour like an acidulous candy. Soft like a sweater over that we love and that we drag for years… Embossed cover with a blue silver embossed title, illustrations in drawings and photos. Modern and intimate.

    • Michel Françoise & Bruno Garcia – Lula


      Twelve songs and nine short stories that speak of women in its multiplicity, its softness, its fragility and its intelligence, beautiful black and white photos. A book-disc to offer to all women. With the participation of Francis Cabrel, Hinamé, Stéphane Mondino, Daguerre, Justine Dalle, Lori Périna, Roxane Krief, Bruno Garcia, Julien Régnier-Krief, Gilles Guérif, Lucas Rizzotti, Cédric Moulé, Eric Ginhac & Michel Françoise !
    • Pack – Daguerre


      Discover the first two opuses of this trilogy where ” slams ” the poetry of an inspired Daguerre, a rocker all in softness, beautifully illustrated by Sarane Mathis :

      • “La Nuit Traversée” – Olivier Daguerre, Mély Vintilhac, Sarane Mathis
      • “107218 km/h” –  Olivier Daguerre, Sarane Mathis
    • Pack – Eddy La Gooyatsh


      Discover these three stories in songs signed by Eddy La Gooyatsh with colorful and fanciful illustrations, in total immersion in the world of children :

      • “M Le Méchant” – Eddy La Gooyatsh, Fanny Marconnet, Pol Banon
      • “Rio Clap Clap Clap” – Eddy La Gooyatsh, Fanny Marconnet, Roland Germain
      • “Le jour où le jour s’arrêta” – Eddy La Gooyatsh, Nicopirate, Fanny Marconnet
    • Pack – Le Larron


      Two small educational books to answer with humor the questions of the children, with the very sober illustrations and in reliefs, funny and imaginative, bursts of laughter guaranteed :

      • “C’est comment qu’on fait les parents ?” – Le Larron, Raoul de Bazignan
      • “C’est qui qu’à inventé la voiture ?” – Le Larron, Raoul de Bazignan

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