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    • BACO TAPE #4 – Mixed by DJ KASH


      Tracklist :

      A1. Intro – DJ Kash

      A2. Baco Anthem – Balik

      A3. Monde de fous – Danakil

      A4. Siempre Si – Havana Meets Kingston

      A5. Good Vibes – Omar Perry feat. Yaniss Odua & Balik

      A6. Skyscrappers – Blakkamoore feat. Biga Ranx

      A7. Don’t Let The System Get You Down – Twan Tee

      A8. We Can Do it – Havana Meets Kingston

      A9. Lagrimas Negras – Havana Meets Kingston

      A10. Family Affair (Mary J Blige cover) – Booboozzz All Stars

      A11. Sunshine – Marcus Gad

      A12. The Calling – Omar Perry feat. Marcus Gad

      B1. Why Worry – Clinton Fearon

      B2. All I Know – Twan Tee

      B3. Level Up – Cheeko & Volodia

      B4. Palo Santo – Cheeko

      B5. Children Of Tomorrow – Nwhat

      B6. Brave new World – Marcus Gad

      B7. Angel In my Arms – Johnny Osbourne

      B8. Beat Dem – Chezidek

      B9. Mash Down Georgetown – Blakkamoore

      B10. Marly (Ondubground Remix) – Danakil

      B11. Indestructible – Nattali Rize feat. Kumar

      B12. Stay High – Yaniss Odua

      C1. Fais Le Bien (Olo Remix) – Volodia

      C2. Ainsi Vivent Les Hommes – Brahim

      C3. Slow Down – Volodia feat. Naaman & Théo (Jahneration)

      C4. Nouyol – Natty Jean

      C5. Destinée – Yaniss Odua

      C6. Wonderwall (Oasis cover) – Booboozzz All Stars

      C7. WTTJ – Danakil

      C8. Get Up – Johnny Osbourne

      C9. Get Down Tonight – Blakkamoore feat. Snoop Dogg

      C10. Mirages (Dj Kash Remix) – Volodia

      C11. Bomboclaat – Cheeko & Volodia

      C12. Yard – Cheeko & Volodia

      C13. Smoothie – Cheeko

      C14. Ready Now – Yaniss Odua feat. Kiki Lion

      C15. Lou Teugue Tass (Olo Remix) – Natty Jean

      D1. Let’s Get This Party Started (Pink cover) – Booboozzz All Stars

      D2. La Paix La Justice – Brahim

      D3. Weak Heart – Groundation

      D4. No Solutions In Their Lies – Chezidek & The Ligerians

      D5. Together Again – Clinton Fearon feat. Alpha Blondy

      D6. Kiss Somebody – Johnny Osbourne

      D7. Fear & Dread – Nattali Rize

      D8. Huriya – Les Hurlements D’Léo feat. Lidiop & Perinne Fifadji

      D9. The World Is On Fire – Max Roméo

      D10. The Farmer’s Story – Max Roméo

      D11. Long Time No See – Manjul meets Fx & Yvo

      D12. Distances – Volodia

      D13. La Caraïbe (Aïdo Lov Remix) – Yaniss Odua

      Preorder, release on 30/07/2021.



      Download the Baco tape Vol.2 for Free !

      Danakil meets OnDubGround | Protoje | Yaniss Odua
      Nattali Rize | Mista Savona presents Havana Meets Kingston
      The Skints | Volodia | Cheeko | Natty Jean| Phases cachées
      Brahim | Papa Style | Booboo’zzz All Stars | Edash | Manjul
      1hour  Mix • Brand News  • Exclusive Remixes



      Download the Baco tape Vol.1 for Free !

      Danakil | U-Roy | Yaniss Odua| Protoje
      Nattali Rize | The Skints | Natty Jean
      Volodia | Phases Cachées | Brahim | Papa Style
      1hour  Mix • Brand News  • Exclusive Remixes

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